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Cyclops continue

I’m returning at last to Cyclops, my current, suspended project, after the extended rehearsal of making the beachstones’ molds, which I did to prepare myself for the intricate mold that this piece will require. In the time away, I’ve realized the need to separate the head into parts, since, because it is hollow, I cannot find a way to mold in one piece. If I cut off the two bands which make the back of the head, I think it is barely possible to make the mold in two parts, front and back, with an additional small mold for the cut pieces. At best, the waxes from front-back mold will still need a lot of repair and touch-up where it doesn’t release well from the mold because of the intricacy of the shape. Eventually, the waxes from these molds will be joined to make the wax model for the bronze ultimate. So this mold, as best as I think In can make it, will still entail a lot of handwork to detail before casting.

The model has a wire armature; the trick is to find a way to cut through it cleanly; I finally found a use for a Dremel tool with the little bitty cutting wheel people seem to love so much.




Meanwhile the dipping of the ceramic shell mold for the beachstones’ bronze pour is progressing. This is six coats, will need around ten.





I have seen something very interesting – a very large wood-fired ceramic kiln called an anagama.


























We have a lot of language about the transformative power of fire, but how many people have witnessed and understand what it is? How clay is fired, how metal is cast, how welding is done? This kiln burns for 9 days with attendants continuously loading in the wood. It fires a year’s worth of work by the artist, and other work by his friends. This is what you can do in Michigan, in a small town, on your own property.

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Waxes nearing

Here are the waxes made from those molds I slaved over. I have six. A- said they look like they’re flying.










I usually go to excess with vents and spues for a wax, but this object is so simple, I’m resisting this. I think it should pour fine just the way it is. But I’ll ask H- what he thinks too. I can get a lot of dipping done next week, and in a few more we’ll pour bronze!