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Modern Art

I don’t disagree with French Theory, but it does not help me to make artworks based on it’s principals. In sum, it says: Because of the subjectivity of persons, all meaning is ambiguous. This includes Art.

I want to now clearly state my preference as Modernist, I’m a Modern Artist, making work in the tradition. You know what I mean, Twentieth-Century Modern Art.

I’m thinking of a t-shirt:


Contemporaryism Art

Writing about two art shows which took place in 2007, one by a graphic artist, the other by a group of young band members. Chris Kraus says:

“Looking at images from Yates’ Burnout exhibition alongside the Get Hurt documentation, I’m struck by the intangible quality that differentiates art from ephemera. Both shows featured works composed from the same materials, in similar styles. Both bodies of work orchestrate collisions of signifiers drawn from the same bank of cultural references. Yet Yates’ magnificent posters… are decidedly works of visual art“. Kraus, Chris Where Art Belongs Semiotext(e) 2011

What I’m remarking here is the notion that contemporary art is easily identified by its use of signifiers and references – so much that it represents a de facto style in itself. An “ism” of art consisting of signifiers and cultural references.

Wait for my next post to see where I’m really going with this…