Monthly Archives: April 2011


By now I’ve cut in that notched part which is the “face” of the figure. Now I’ve every last design element in place. A surform tool to let me find the curve of the sprial planes and even them up, flatten the high spots  – I thought I’d be using a chisel for this, but it’s cut is too local, not evenly spread on a curving surface. Its changeing the texture of the wood, shiny-er, harder, and smoother. I’m advised by Q. not to remove all marks of the chisel or saw and to have a mix of marks. A. says that finishing is a step of its own. I’m inviting all advice on this matter, I am undecided.


Design elements finally

Here the outcome of several short sessions spent adding the design elements which mostly complete the figure. Feet and legs separation better described, also arms wrapping around more.

Head, now rounded over.

 Next, the notch of the face can be done, and then it’s time to think about the hand-working of the surface, sprial effect, and more about the degree of finish and refinement for the overall effect. It was Gary who said that this thing would start to come together more and more quickly as the work progressed. I am surprised to see it nearing the design ideal so soon. Soon. It’s been like a year and a half so far, but maybe only two weeks of actual working days.

Back working

The sun shines for more hours of the day, the earth warms, and I am able to sculpt again. I’m making the details of the arms, hands and feet, subtle things to be using the chain grinder on. Working at the wheelbarrow again, out in the yard. Maybe soon I am close to using hand tools. It is a relief to think that this sculpture will work out, that this long break won’t wreck it.