Monthly Archives: September 2010

Spiraling around

I want to work that spiral plane I’m imagining up to the surface now. I carefully measure off my drawing, mark some locations for reference points, and think about marking a line (2 lines really) that smoothly move around the piece from top to bottom. Pushpins and some yarn let me define the line by eye and by measurement.

I realize that seeing this may not meet some people’s idea of the heroic sculptor. Not a lot of gestures and waving of tools. Just diligently following the design, and trusting it to go where it’s supposed to. When I’m confident, I pencil in the lines to follow with the chain-disk tool.

Here’s another unglamourous image of work being done. Outside is the best place for the amount of dust this makes. Also, the wheelbarrow is about the right height to work at holding a heavy grinder. It makes heavy things eaiser to move. And why not sit down while you’re at it. It takes time, be comfortable. On a cool early Fall day it is good to be outside in the garden.

The work half done. Taking a break.

All the way done, after few hours work.


Rounding off

Now I take the block from a something I’ve cut into from 4 sides basically, to something smoother, rounder, carved on 8 sides more fully. To do that I’ll be using new tools. This chainsaw cutting wheel chews up wood like an army of supernatual beavers, no problem.

I’ll angle and shape the sharp points of the shoulders and legs. 4 on the shoulders and 4 on the legs. Now it is more fully an octagonal symetric shape from top to bottom.

Again I’ll do it to get 16 sides. At this point it is virtually round.

I sketch radial lines from the center to help me mark the cutting lines to get this shape, there’s a bit of measuring and marking-up done. This makes using the tool easier since it is not a machine for delicate work. Having lines to follow prevents mistakes when tired.